Jon von Boehm is a busy in demand bass player from Nashville, Tennessee. Playing in churches at a young age is where he learned how to perform in a live setting with other musicians. From that point on he was forever hooked. In his late teens Jon discovered jazz and started playing the music with seasoned musicians three times his age. At the same time he started working in studios, playing on sound tracks for television shows and commercials. During this time he was also working with many other local artists in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he grew up.

Prior to his move to Nashville, he spent time in Florida studying with bass guitar great Jeff Berlin who was already one of his biggest influences. While there, Jon started working with many other musicians in the Tampa area, which kept him on top of his game. In the midst of his busy schedule there he was balancing musical studies at the Players School of Music.

Jon has stepped out on his own recently with his first self-titled release, which futures some of the best musicians in Nashville and others from abroad. As of late, he has been busy as a band leader, as well as collaborating with other artists, which has brought him acclaim from his peers and reviewers.

Jon is known for his technical ability, but still retains a passionate fluid style where the song always comes first. Jon continues to stay busy on the road, in the studio, and doing clinics.

Studio Duties In Kongo Band: Bass

Live Duties In Kongo Band: Bass, Backing Vocals

A few of the artists he has worked with include: Dylan Taylor, Aly Cutter Band, Romeo Hill, Sweet Honey, Ragan Rae, Lara Landon, Dillon Dixon, Denny Jiosa, Dann Glenn, Kongo, Bryan Clark, Will Champlin, Brittini Black, The Jiosa On The Edge Project (Co-Writer), 251 Jazz Trio, The Spitting Image, Jazz in Your Faith, Mannah, Westbrook, Josh Paulson, The Other I, Kenny Zarider and more.